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At Nile D. Brooks P.A. in Tampa, I offer results-driven representation for clients dealing with a wide array of family law issues. Whether you are getting a divorce, engaged in a dispute over child custody or seeking monetary support from a former spouse, I can provide knowledgeable counsel and strong advocacy to help you confront the challenges confidently and with a view to a positive outcome.

Staunch advocate works for clients’ property interests during divorce

Although Florida is a “no fault” state, allowing divorce for any marriage that is “irretrievably broken,” there are often disputed issues relating to marital property. Florida uses the equitable distribution model, by which most property obtained during the marriage is divided fairly but not necessarily equally. However, separately owned property is not subject to division. I have wide experience analyzing asset portfolios and formulating well-grounded arguments for proper allocations.

Dedicated attorney advises clients during alimony arrangements

Alimony in Florida can be awarded based on one spouse’s needs and the other’s ability to pay. Alimony can be one of five types, designed for variable situations:

  • Temporary — Also known as pendent lite, this type of alimony is designed to support a spouse during divorce proceedings.
  • Bridge-the-gap — This post-divorce type of alimony, awarded for a maximum of two years, is meant to address short-term needs, such as where sale of a major asset is pending.
  • Rehabilitative —If one spouse needs to go back to school or receive some kind of training in order to be able to support themselves, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded in the interim.
  • Durational — This type of alimony depends on the length of the marriage, and will be paid based on how many years the couple was married.
  • Permanent — Permanent alimony is awarded when the courts determine that one spouse will need financial support indefinitely due to age or inability to work.

Whether you are requesting alimony or your spouse is asking you to pay, I can assist you in analyzing and presenting the evidence that a court will consider.

Experienced lawyer works to protect clients’ parental rights

When there are children of a marriage, the court decides on legal custody (known as decision-making responsibility) and physical custody (known as time-sharing) based on the best interests of the child. Divorcing spouses are required to submit a parenting plan that outlines proposed time-sharing schedules and division of responsibilities. I am skilled at drafting plans that protect my clients’ parental rights while satisfying the court’s scrutiny.

Competent attorney works with you during mediation

Sometimes, contested divorce issues can be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively through mediation by a neutral third party. I represent my clients at mediations, presenting their viewpoints effectively and evaluating settlement proposals for fairness and workability.

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